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Quarter Horse Coffee
City Centre

Quarter Horse Coffee

Quarter Horse Coffee is providing a unique learning and taste testing experience for all the coffee roasters out there.

Coffee Roaster Meet is an event you won’t want to miss.

Inspired by the Roaster Camps in Estonia and Poland, Nathan Retzer (owner of Quarter Horse Coffee) and Roland Glew (a roaster at Hasbean) have teamed up to provide a unique experience: a day filled with professional talks, cuppings (evaluating the different characteristics of various coffee beans), and discussions.

The event programme consists of:

14:00 Welcome & Opening remarks

14:15 Talk 1 - Blending, Roland Glew (Hasbean) – how and why we blend.

14:45 Cupping 1 - Origins (great coffees from around the world)

15:15 Talk 2 - Chujiao Liu (University of Nottingham)

15:50 Cupping 2 - Roasting (one coffee, different machines - can you taste the difference?)

16:20 Panel discussion - The Roaster Camp Experience, with Lisa Lawson (Dear Green Coffee Roasters), Ashlee Eastwood-Quinn (Extract Coffee Roasters) & Dave Stanton (Crankhouse Coffee) - moderated by Nathan Retzer (Quater Horse Coffee)

16:40 Talk 3 - TBA

17:15 Wrap up

Nathan and Roland aim to provide you with the rare oportunity to uncover the wonders of roasting. The meet is ideal for socialising with friends and fellow roasters: an enjoyable way to spend your Sunday.

This event will be held at Quarter Horse coffee on Sunday 25th March, so grab a £10 ticket before they sell out!

Happy Roasting!

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Posted by Lia Rodgers

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