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To celebrate their launch and show Brum some love, new cafe Wayland’s Yard will be giving out free coffee next week.

Owner Sam Smith has set up shop between the bustling Colmore Business District and the city centre, bringing quality coffee and wholesome food to this prime location.

Situated a stone’s throw from the Bull Street tram stop, Wayland’s Yard will offer 'morning caffeine fixes, midday meetings, brunches-come-lunches, and cool coffee-shop vibes.' 

Serious about their coffee

What’s more, coffee lovers will be pleased to hear that Wayland’s Yard takes its beans very seriously; in fact, it prides itself on its speciality grade coffee, state-of-the-art equipment and highly-trained baristas, who really know their stuff when it boils down to brews.

A continuous rotation of different types of espresso: a house blend, along with two single origins – on filter and espresso – allows for constant variety, even if Wayland’s Yard becomes your daily stop for the good stuff.

Instagrammable brunches and unicorn tea

It’s not just coffee that gets Wayland’s Yard going though; its food menu is 'delicious, hearty, and very “Instagrammable”.' Alongside brunch staples like eggs royale, fry-ups, and of course smashed avo, this independent has a couple of aces up its sleeve.

Fan favourites tried and tested in Worcester are coming to Brum, with eggy crumpets, fluorescent pink hollandaise sauce, ‘Eggs Aussie’ (avocado, houmous, and chorizo), and even ‘unicorn tea’ (also known as blue raspberry tea…) on the Millennial-friendly menu.

In their own words...

So, why Birmingham? Following the success of Worcester’s branch, setting up in the city seemed like a no-brainer to Sam Smith:

“Having lived and worked in Worcester for the last three years, I’ve been close enough to Birmingham to see the massive change the city has undergone. The redevelopments and continued investment have been hugely positive, and Birmingham is a truly exciting place to be at the moment. 

"You only have to look at the city centre to see that it gets better and better each day. It was a really easy choice for me to open up the next Wayland’s Yard in Birmingham, as I wanted to be even more involved in the city and join the already really strong and exciting independent food scene.”

The location will prove useful for both the office lunch run and resting your weary feet once you’ve shopped-til-you-drop; Wayland’s Yard offers a wide range of ‘grab-and-go’ salads, soups, bagels and sandwiches, as well as an all-day brunch menu.

The venue also has its sights set on being an ideal event space as well; talks are already in place for the team to impart its wisdom to keen aspiring baristas as part of their ‘coffee school’ initiative, training people on how to become HomeBrew experts themselves.

How do I get the free coffee?

So, to claim your free coffee, drop in early and pay the team a visit.

The offer is available from Wayland’s Yard every day from 7am-9am, Monday 12 March to Friday 16 March.

The coffees available for free are all espresso-based drinks, including cappuccinos, flat whites and lattes. The offer does not include tea or hot chocolate.

For more information about Wayland’s Yard, visit their website

Posted by Hattie D'Souza (Sponsored)