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Kitchen Garden Cafe
Kings Heath

Kitchen Garden Cafe

Funky vegan brand Willaroos are bringing their signature brand of plant-based dining to Brum with a special, three night pop-up in Kings Heath.

Willaroos creates delicious contemporary food from around the world that happens to be vegan and plant based.

In their own words: 'We are not here for the discussion; we are here because flavour is KING!'

Here are some examples of some of their meat-free creations:

  • Thai curry patty with mango salsa
  • Shredded BBQ jackfruit bonanza burger, with crispy bakon (umami crisp), cheese, slaw
  • Brownie, ice cream, choc sauce and a nut and raspberry sprinkle.

Founder Bryony Tinn-Disbury from Warwickshire was looking for exciting, healthy food for her son, and ended up taking things into her own hands.

Now Bry creates exciting, flavoursome dishes through pop-ups, wowing followers with her meat-free delights that also cater for dietary needs like gluten-free.

"Willaroos incoporates the words Wild and Roots, pushed together to form new beginnings. Wild standing for bohemian, wilderness, fresh and green and Roots meaning nourishment, community and an origin of a town or city.

"We are proud to be meat free, dairy free with lots of gluten free alternatives. It’s a new wave of bringing everyone together that want to have yummy food that tastes delicious."

Try their food for yourself at one of the upcoming pop-ups at Kitchen Garden Cafe:

  • 18 January
  • 1 February
  • 16 February

For more details, email [email protected] or call 07788 548 314

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Posted by Naomi Payton (Sponsored)

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