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The Jekyll and Hyde
Colmore Business District

The Jekyll and Hyde

Always drinking the same old 'Mothers Ruin'? Unsure what those 'other' bottles of gin are on the shelf? Mr Hyde says, 'no more' you’re all welcome to become part of the #JekyllGinClub at The Jekyll and Hyde.

The Jekyll and Hyde, located on Steelhouse Lane in the city centre, is one of the best bars in Birmingham, and boy do they love gin.

Every Thursday Dr Jekyll will pick three delightful gins you need to try, and these gins will come with a free tonic and a suitably wonderful garnish

And there are some classic, unique and downright delicious gins coming up in the next few weeks:

On Thursday 8th March Dr. Jekyll will be celebrating Bombay, with Dry, Sapphire, and Star of Bombay all part of his Gin Club, and the following week, on 15th March, the bar will be paying homage to Brum itself with three top notch gins from the city.

Get a free tonic when you try classic and timeless Langley's, old school and traditional Martin Miller's, or novelty spiced Peaky Blinders.

With weeks honouring spiced gin, floral gin and Tarquin's all in the pipeline, there will be a week at #JekyllGinClub that you'll want to join no matter your gin preferences.

Thursday is now officially Gin-day.

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