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Birmingham Brewing Company

Birmingham Brewing Company

Birmingham Brewing Company is proud to announce that they are now open for business.

Birmingham Brewing Company is a 5.5 Brewers Barrel Brewery (950 litres) based in Stirchley, Birmingham.

The aim of Birmingham Brewing Company is to provide high quality, locally brewed beer to the Birmingham area.

Birmingham Brewing Company believes that the only way to make great beer is to use the best ingredients and to focus on quality to create distinctive beers and flavours for all to enjoy.

At launch two beers from the core range are available in casks and 330ml cans.

Pale Brummie is a 4% refreshing pale ale, brewed from British floor malt combined with British bittering hops and new world citrus hops, producing a thirst quenching freshness.

Bitter Brummie is a 4.1% bitter, brewed from British caramel floor malt with triple hops for bitterness, liquorice and tropical fruit aromas, producing a unique depth and intensity.

More beers will be added to the core range through 2017 and there will also be a range of seasonal beers.

Birmingham Brewing Company wants to give back to the community from the outset and has a strong social agenda, including reducing waste, using recyclable packaging, supporting local charities and providing educational opportunities.

Paul, founder and director of Birmingham Brewing Company said:

“We have been working towards launching the brewery since early last year and are delighted to finally be up and running. Birmingham Brewing Company is all about providing high quality craft beer and real ale to the local market.

"We are really excited and passionate about the growth in the Birmingham brewing scene and are thrilled to be part of it. We believe that local businesses should serve their communities in more ways than just providing a product and will be doing that from the start.“

For more information on the Brewery and where to buy Birmingham Brewing Company beers, visit the website or follow @brumbrewery on Twitter and Facebook.

Posted by Paul Harwood (Sponsored)

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