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1683 Chocolate Place

1683 Chocolate Place

The groundbreaking chocolate kebab has come to Birmingham. Don't worry - it's meat-free and definitely a dessert.

Joe Vaughan is probably Britain's youngest pro chocolatier, at just 17 years old.

But his youth doesn't stop him from running his own independent chocolate shop on Knowle high street in Solihull.

In fact, he's been making chocolate since the tender age of 13, and launched 1683 Chocolate Place in 2015.

And now the young artisan has introduced the exotic Chocolate Kebab machine, still very much a novelty in the UK.

Being all for local business (and having a sweet tooth!) we had to find out more from Joe himself...

Watch the Chocolate Kebab machine in action

So how did you get into chocolate making?

I have always loved food and making food.

When I was 14 Mum [Jane, also a local shopkeeper] sent me on a chocolate making course where we made some truffles.

That's when I fell in love with making chocolate.

What kind of things can people find in your shop, 1683 Chocolate Place?

In the shop we have a large range of different treats. We havee a range of over 40 individual chocolate flavours for most of the year.

We also have a selection of wines and some German chocolate liqueuers.

And now we have the Chocolate Kebab in the shop as well.

Ah yes, the famous Chocolate Kebab. Tell us about it.

The best way for me to describe the Chocolate Kebab is to imagine a doner kebab but made of chocolate.

Chocolate Kebab Birmingham 1683 Chocolate Place

Fair enough! And what does it come with?

The Chocolate Kebab is served in a sweet pitta bread, almost like a pancake.

It comes with a selection of fillings the customer can choose from, for example fruits and different flavoured sauces.

How much it cost to get a Chocolate Kebab?

It's £4.50 per serving.

You've done really well to set up and run your own shop. What's next for you?

In the future I'd like to go into making things like miniature cakes and little puddings, as these really interest me.

Do you see yourself opening another branch, possibly in Birmingham city centre?

There are no plans yet, but yes I would consider it for the future.

See where 1683 Chocolate Place is.

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Posted by Ahmed Ahmed

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