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Tony Elvin from the Wine Events Company give us his recommendations...


World Malbec Day is a day where people from around the world pay homage to the flagship Malbec grape. The Wine Events Company specialise in providing fun tasting events and collaborations with some amazing partners. Tony Elvin talks to us about all things Malbec and his top 3 recommendations. 

Tony first fills us in on a few Malbec facts... las poets:-

1) Malbec comes from France. Wait, what?? Yep, from South-West France. In Bordeaux it was commonly blended with Merlot and Petit Verdot as part of a Bordeaux blend, in the Loire Valley they call it Côt and in Cahors (where they’ve renamed their Tourism Office ’The Malbec Lounge’) it is produced to make a bold single varietal wine. 

2) A touch of nostalgia. A homesick French botanist living in Argentina planted some Malbec grapes back in 1868 with absolutely no idea what a sensation he would trigger some many decades later.

3) Argentina saved Malbec. The Malbec grape struggled against pests and adverse weather in France so was only really used in blending. Prime growing conditions in Argentina elevated this humble backing artist to rockstar status where the country is now responsible for 75% of the world’s Malbec plantings. 


Now, here are Tony's top 3 Malbec suggestions from a fantastic local wine merchant near you:-

1) 'Riccitelli Not Another Lovely Malbec’, Argentina - Loki Wines £16.99

A fantastic natural Malbec. Matias Riccitelli has developed into a global star of “the new way” to make wine, and this is his progressive Malbec style, and the style of Malbec that he thinks defines exactly what Malbec should be.

2) Gouguenheim Sparkling Malbec Rosé Extra Brut, Mendoza, Argentina - Frazier’s Wine Merchants £14.35  

A dry sparkling wine, delicate pink Malbec with small and brilliant bubbles. Aromas of cherries and strawberries on the nose. Very fresh in the mouth, soft tones with a balanced acidity. A real hit at our tastings and highly recommended. 

3) Los Poetas Libertad Red Blend Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina - Connolly’s / Arch 13 £12.95 

'The poet's blend' combines Malbec (60%), Merlot (25%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (15%) for the 2018 vintage and the unoaked style of the Los Poetas wines allows the grapes to shine, with pure summer fruits, fresh acidity and gentle tannins.

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