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A guide to Birmingham's best venues for vegetarian and vegan food


Are you vegan or vegetarian, or just trying to cut down on meat, and struggling to find the places to find food in Birmingham?

If that's you, here is a handy guide to finding the best cafes and restaurants to satisfy those rumbling stomachs. We have exactly what you need.

1. Natural Healthy Foods

Vegan and all natural, they are open 7 days a week.

They have a real range of yummy options. From their superfood collection and their vegan chocolate delight to their cherry almond shake and wow chia watermelon and pomegrante chia drink, it's safe to say you won't be without a choice. 

Click here to find Natural Healthy Foods at your fingertips.

2. The Warehouse Cafe

This award winning cafe offers nothing less than fresh, authentic, healthy food. What's more, it's 100% vegetarian.

They are well worth a visit. Start with the chicory and goat's cheese salad, try out their green thai curry and then indulge in the rhubard fool or the vanilla soy ice cream for dessert. Even their names are intriguing!

Find out more here.

3. ​Cafe Soya

'Hoy-Sum-Dao', or a love for soya beans. Family-run , they served a range of vegan, vegetarian and seafood dishes. That's not forgetting the cocktails either.

For small and large parties, book private dining and they even push the boat out with karaoke. Delicacies on offer include spicy peppercorn tofu, tom yum soup and veggie sizzling beef in black bean sauce.

For more information on Cafe Soya, click here.

4. The Stable

Technically, it's a not a 'vegan' restaurant, but it's a real favourite for lots of vegans, especially for their cheesy vegan pizzas.

Try the wonderfully named 'One Potato, Two Potato' pizza or their 'The Flower Power' salad.

Interested? Click here to find out where to go.

5. 3 Threes Coffee Lounge

With drinks, sandwiches, wraps and paninis for both vegans and vegetarians, variety is the spice of life here.

Less than a minute away from Corporation Street, you will find a world of vegan tastes, including their Jamaican Jerk Chicken Style. Need a gluten free option? The Sweet and Spicy Falafel will do the job just right.

Want to know more? Check them out via this link.

6. Handmade Burger Co

Again, this one isn't a 'vegan' restaurant, but it does have lots of yummy vegan options. They cater to everyone's needs, incluing the offer of children's options, allergy menus and separate lunch and evening menus too. 

It's also perfect for students, thanks to the cheeky discount.

Get the address right here.

7. Bodega

Authentic South American food is what they're all about. They have a real bundle of events, offers and deals for all.

From the specialised vegan menu, let your stomach decide. There's frijoles, tacos and plaintain salad to mention a few.

Check out Bodega's current offers and upcoming events here.

8. Ju Ju's Cafe

They say that their food is like a 'hug on a plate' and their service is 'matriarchal and sassy'. Get Julia (aka, Ju Ju herself) as your hostess and you really will be in for a warm welcome at their family-run business.

Their veggie courses include a range of dishes, from chilli bean nachos and crushed avocados to the Veggie Full Monty!

Check out their listing here.

9. Arco Lounge

If you're looking for a quieter, more quaint location, this is for you. Open 7 days a week, 9am-11pm, they not only offer a separate vegan menu, but a gluten free one too.

They don't stop at brunch and salad, with their Mexican Superbowl and Falafel & Hummus Wrap. There's even a limited collection of vegan cakes for those who have a sweeter tooth.

Get the address here.

10. 1847

Just in case you wondered, their name is actually the year during which the first Vegetarian UK society formed.

They offer a wide range of tasty options including the sage and lentil croquettes, chickpea flatbread and macerated cherries. They tempt carnivores in to try 'meat free Mondays' as well as some great lunch time deals.

Click here to find out more about 1847.

11. Jyoti

A South Indian vegetarian restaurant in Hall Green, this family business is award winning and has an abundance of tasty rice dishes.

The chef's specialities are a tasty bargain at less than £10.

Go for the Sev and Tomato if you're a braver diner who can handle the spice. For the milder customer, the Rice and Daal or Dum Aloo would be a nice idea.

See where it is on a map here

12. Carters of Moseley

Moseley's Michelin-starred restaurant offers simple but innovative dishes in a modern restaurant.

For vegetarians, they provide two separate menus; that's a lunch time one and an evening one.

From their Lichfield Cherries to Sea Spaghetti, there's a whole load of upmarket meat free options on the menu.

To check out the location, follow this link.

13. Not Dogs

The brains behind Not Dogs in the BUllring are Katie and Jane, two vegetarian food lovers.

If you're passionate about vegan and vegetarian food with the added fun factor, it's the place to be. Especially on Mondays, with their 'Meat Free Mondog' ready to wow you.

Quirky names abound, with dishes including Hello Houmous and the Beau the Banana Brioche Dog.

Intrigued? Click here to get the address.

14. Deepali

Their chefs plate up a real plethora of foods to give a tasteful, fulfilling experience of Indian cuisine. They are all about authentic, good food.

Deepali meat-free choices include the Chilli Paneer, Mix Vegetable Korma and even their lunch time option of the Dehli lunch.

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So there you have it. Our carefully selected list of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Birmingham. It's yours to devour.

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Posted by Katie McDonald

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