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Great Pub Favourites at the Bar & Grill


If you want some quality time by yourself, kicking back to watch a bit of Sport and enjoy a burger and a pint then you really should put the Village Hotel in Solihull on your radar.

Just set back from the Stratford Road in Shirley it's a modern purpose built hotel offering a great combination of urban sophistication in a tranquil location.

The hotel has 128 bedrooms which also has a gym, a Starbucks and business working space, plus plenty of parking.

During half term we decided to check out the bar and grill which had just launched their ‘Ate Days A Week’ menu, full of hearty feel-good dishes.

The restaurant is a big light and airy space, they've got two cosy seating areas, one with sofas and one with cinema style seating, ideal to watch football, boxing or the news. There's a bar in the centre to get that obligatory pint and seating at the side and at the rear for groups.

I really like the space, it's modern without being too over stylised, it's cosy and above all it's warm.  The atmosphere is nice, lots of space to kick back and enjoy some sporting action or if you want a chilled family meal. I took the children down at half term for a lunchtime treat.

The Ate Days A Week menu is indeed a feast!

The week starts with Mexican Monday, followed by Chinese Tuesday, Wednesday curry night, Thursday is 20 buffalo wings bucket for £10, Friday wine offer and Saturday night is rump steak and glass of Malbec for £15. All at a bloody bargain price. Plus their Sunday lunch starts at an insanely reasonable £12.95. 

We checked out the menu, and spoke to the very friendly staff who told us if we downloaded the app there were bespoke offers on there everyday.  We swiftly chose our dishes, ordered at the bar and had a quick game of table football whilst we waited for our starters.

To start, we had the best looking box of loaded fries I've ever seen. The ones that they sell at street food festivals always look really messy but these looked so appetising - crunchy fries served in a box covered with spring onions, red peppers, bacon and a dollop of mayonnaise.

We also had the spicy tacos, which came on a neat little V shaped tray. We didn’t think the spiced chicken would be too spicy but surprisingly it was, and served in small crispy taco shells with fresh red onions on top. You get 4 in the starter serving which was more than enough.

As much as we wanted the 20 wings for a tenner we knew it would be too much so we had the standard small portion instead. With 8 wings in there it was plenty.  Topped with shredded red chillies and spring onion, it was spicy and tangy and basically finger licking good!

For mains my son had a juicy steak, which came neatly presented on a pub style board with a pot of crispy fries and peppercorn sauce.  

I had the chicken tikka masala served on fluffy white rice. Pretty standard spiced fare served with poppadum crisps and chutney.

All in all, a very affordable and enjoyably tasty lunch, without compromising on quality and presentation. We’ll definitely be going back.

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Posted by DineBirmingham