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London’s most loved Vegetarian Street Food company “SKVP” sets its eye on expanding outside of London and is setting its stall in Solihull.

With the rise of vegetarianism more omnipresent, the arrival of SKVP (or Shree Krishna Vada Pav to those in the know) makes a timely arrival for those wanting to enjoy a more plant based diet.

The UK eatery wraps together all the exciting and vibrant flavours of Mumbai street food, into an easy to eat ‘quick service format.’ 

The new restaurant opening ishighly anticipated. Set to open next to Fiesta Del Asado on the Stratford Road, the emphasis is on Mumbai’s popular street food, Vada Pav. This is essentially a spicy potato filling sandwiched between soft buns and layers of spicy garlic and green chutney!

SKVP is a business that thrives on wowing its customers with fast, healthy and authentic Vegetarian Indian street cuisine presented in the most convenient eat in or take away options. At the heart of the brand, SKVP focus on three very important things, authentic flavour, tastes from the streets of Mumbai and Quick Service.

It’s proven to be extremely popular in and outside of London, with dedicated foodies happily making the journey to SKVP especially for their unique vada pavs.  With the vegan movement gaining real momentum, this sector is set to dominate in the next few years.

Totally plant based, food is served piping hot with a variety of dishes like Vada Pav, Misal, Bhel Puri, Kachchi Dabeli and many other tasty vegetarian Indian dishes, all made to order and served within 5 minutes. Bringing Mumbai street food straight from the heart of Mumbai to Solihull.

Entrepreneurs Sujay and Subodh sited the Vegetarian food revolution almost 10 years back with its first restaurant in a small, sublet space in Hounslow High Street in 2010 with now operating 4 successful stores in London and set to open its 5th branch in Solihull in February.

The guys behind SKVP have fond memories of eating this kind of food regularly back home in Mumbai and these memories are what inspired their first restaurant in a small, sublet space on Hounslow High Street in 2010. This food was so readily available in Mumbai for very little money, with street food vendors outside most schools, colleges, and workplaces, but unless they made it themselves, Joshi and Sohani could not find anything like it in the UK. 

They are sure many people in Birmingham’s Asian community will feel the same nostalgia for an authentic taste of home and for locals who love spicy Indian food! 

The brand isn’t just about delivering mouth-watering cuisine, but connecting people to what they’re eating and telling the story of India’s rich food culture.

SKVP is due to open at the end of February in Solihull.

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