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Celebrate Shrove Tuesday with an Indian twist this year!


If you want to experience an Indian Pancake Day this year, the Summer House Bar and Grill in Hall Green will be serving hot, tasty, dosas, fresh from the griddle, all evening.


The dosa is a type of Indian pancake, especially popular in South India and  offers a spicy and savoury alternative to the traditional lemon and sugar pancakes. 


 A classic Indian comfort dish, dosas are thin, crisp crepes curled into a dome and typically filled with spiced potatoes. They are great when served with coconut chutney.


Raj Julta from Summer House Bar & Grill says, "if you want to spice up your Shrove Tuesday family fun then this is a great alternative to the classic pancake.


Diners can choose from a selection of masala, potato, chilli paneer and plain dosas on Shrove Tuesday, 5th March. 


Posted by Ahmed Ahmed