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The 2-day pop-up will serve snacks and drinks made with the popular confection.


'It's too early for Easter!' we hear you cry. But Cadbury begs to differ. 

The perennially popular Creme Egg is going on tour with a two day pitstop in Birmingham on 3 - 4 February.

London enjoys a permanent Creme Egg Cafe (below) but for now we must be content with a flying visit.

In line with the TV ads, the pop-up will take the form of a wooden hunting lodge.

Don't expect any free eggs - instead they've baked, blended and bashed the eggs into all manner of different items you can order.

The Creme Egg-based menu will feature hot chocolates, cakes and toasties.

All items will cost £4, but the cash will be donated to The Prince's Trust, a charity for young people.

You can book a slot online to guarantee getting in.

What's on the menu at the Creme Egg Cafe?

Gooey Creme Egg S’mores

Creme Egg pieces and giant marshmallow sandwiched between biscuits and then toasted to bring out that extra gooeyness.

Creme Egg Hunters' Hot Chocolate

A steaming Cadbury hot chocolate with melted Creme Eggs mixed in.

Creme Egg Forest Fridge Cake

Nuts, apricots and crushed biscuit covered in thick Cadbury chocolate, topped with pieces of Creme Egg.

Creme Black Forest Toastie

Creme Egg and black cherries blended together and served in a toasted sandwich

You can find the Creme Egg Cafe pop-up by St Martin's Church at the Bullring on 3 - 4 February 2017.

Images by Evan Amos, Smithr32

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Posted by Ahmed Ahmed

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