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Brad Carter made headlines last year when his Carters of Moseley received the coveted Michelin accolade. We grabbed chef for a chat ahead of his upcoming appearance at Foodies Festival Birmingham.


Chef Brad Carter - Watch the full 60 second interview:

Chef Brad Carter in 60 seconds

Meet Brad Carter, Birmingham's youngest Michelin Star chef! The Carters of Moseley founder reveals his cooking tips, favourite restaurant, hangover cure and a look ahead to Foodies Festival

Posted by Dine Birmingham on Monday, May 23, 2016

Did you always want to be a chef?

Yes I did, actually. It was the only thing I was good at at school!

So once I left I got a job at a local pub as a kitchen porter, and then I just went from there and turned myself into a chef!

How does it feel to get a Michelin Star?

It's a great feeling. It's the Oscars of the cooking world. So, to get that, it just proves that what you're doing at your level is the best that it's gonna be.

michelin star restaurants birmingham carters of moseley food 1000w

Above: Beautifully plated dish at Carters (photo by Jack Spicer Adams)

What makes you angry in the kitchen?

(laughs) Er, I don't really get angry. As long as everything's going out nice, and the food's getting made nice, then I'm happy all the time.

Tell us about your top dish on the Carters menu

We have a lot that I like because it's all about the products and the ingredients. Every course is ingredient-led.

At the moment, I'm absolutely loving the rare-breed lamb that we're using.

Carters of moseley interior

Above: Inside Carters of Moseley (photo by Jack Spicer Adams)

What's your drink of choice?

That's a tough one. I do love real ale, well crafted beer, but I also like a gin - just depends what the situation is really.

What's your favourite hangover food?

Most chefs have a soft spot for pizza. I like a really nice pizza cooked over wood. I'd have to say that it would be pizza.

What's your top top for home chefs trying to impress?

I think if you're gonna cook at home, it's all about being organised.

Know what you're going to cook, prep it nice, and the cooking part will be easy. You're bound to impress.

Brad Carter Foodies Festival Birmingham

Where does Brad Carter go to eat out in Birmingham?

I like most of the top restaurants. I don't go out much because I work so much, but I' seen quite a lot in Pure Bar - I like their simple approach.

I love Chinatown - I go there quite a lot because I find some of the food there inspirational. That's when I'm let out!

What are you planning for Foodies Festival?

We'll be cooking dishes straight from the Carters menu, using our local, seasonal British ingredients, live on stage.

Brad Carter will join other Michelin star chefs and food producers for Foodies Festival, a three-day food fiesta at Cannon Hill Park.

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Posted by Ahmed Ahmed (Sponsored)