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The summer fiesta is serving up 120 delicious rums on its 3rd anniversary!


Birmingham Rum Festival is back for its third birthday this summer. Rum experts will showcase their spirits over a whole weekend at The Cuban Embassy, from Saturday 30 June to Sunday 1 July.

Here's a rundown of all the key brands to look out for - head to their stands to taste and sample their delicious rum and find out more about them.

Tickets start from £15 and include free samples - Book yours here.


The headline partner for the festival this year will be premium rum brand Atlántico, which handcrafts its carefully blended rums in the Dominican Republic using complex solera ageing techniques.

You'l be able to try all three of their styles: Platino (citrus elements), Reserva (with notes of tropical fruits) and Gran Reserva (hints of toffee and caramel).

Aluna Coconut

Aluna coconut rum is a delicious spirit featuring natural coconut blended with fine rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean. 


This is a fine Jamaican rum with depth, character and smoothness, still made to an old family recipe going back generations.

Koko Kanu

A big hit last year, Koko Kanu is a crystal-clear rum with subtle but refreshing coconut flavours.


Distilled in the Dominican Republic, Matusalem is a super-premium rum with a velvet-smooth texture and aromatic flavours.

Rum Sixty Six

Small-batch distilled and tropically aged for a minimum of 12 years in American white oak casks, Rum Sixty Six is the pride of Barbados.

Stroh Inländer

Ever tried an Austrian rum? Stroh is a unique, intense and fiery spirit from a surprising place!

Appleton Estate

A classic rum born in Jamaica's fertile Nassau Valley, at the country's oldest sugar estate and distillery.

Cargo Cult

Full of sexy spices and handcrafted from the South Pacific, Cargo Cult is no ordinary small-batch rum.

Liverpool Rum

Distilled from molasses in Trinidad, then finished in bourbon barrels, Liverpool Rum packs a caramel and subtly spicy punch.

Peaky Blinder

Try this Black Spiced rum, distilled in the Black Country, and feel like a real retro gangster.

Mount Gay

Heritage doesn't get much nobler than this - Mount Gay (Barbados) has been made in the same copper pot stills since 1703!

Cloven Hoof

Devilish aged and spiced craft rum that owes its kick to a secret blend of natural spices.

Bem Bom Cachaca

OK, so it's technically not rum, but this sugarcane spirit is arguably Brazil's best export so give it a try!

And many more... (120 to be exact!)

And if that's not enough, The Cuban Embassy bar will be fully stocked with some 120 different rums throughout the two day festival.

Full rum lists will be available on the day.

+ VIP Rums

For our VIP ticket holders, there is a really special treat in store.

Each stand will be bringing along one extra rare and exclusive rum that is only available for those with a VIP ticket to sample, free of charge.

Get Your Tickets for Sat 30 June or Sun 1 July

VIP tickets cost £25 and include entry, a welcome drink, rum sampling, a street food meal and access to VIP rums.

Ordinary tickets start at £14 for entry, a welcome drink and rum sampling.

There will also be tropical street food and live music: salsa, reggae, samba and reggaeton performances throughout the day

Book Tickets to Birmingham Rum Festival (Sat 30 June - Sun 1 July).

Posted by Ahmed Ahmed