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The new menu at Ask Italian Birmingham is very hands-on.


You can now dine like a true Italian and order using your hands from Ask Italian Birmingham's new Spring menu.

While we Brits can be somewhat reserved when it comes to expressing ourselves, the Italians are famous for wearing their heart on their sleeve.

Now you too can embrace your inner Italian with the new 'hand gesture menu' at Ask Italian Birmingham.

Famous for food, fashion and flapping their hands aboout, the Italians know how to make a point especially when it comes to food!

The average Italian uses up to 250 hand gestures a day to express everything from hunger to joy. 

Ask Italian is combining this authentic aspect of Italian culture with delicious Italian cuisne to produce the world's first 'hand gesture' menu. 

You’ll now be able to order from their limited ‘Eat like an Italian’ menu using hand gestures specific to each dish.

Let your taste buds tingle and hands mingle and tuck into chocolate gnocci, a sweet twist on an Italian classic, a burrata pizza, a creamier and more indulgent version of a margherita or a melting Eton mess tower.

Lost in translation

Fear not if your knowledge of the Italian language is limited to pizza, pasta and prosecco. The new hand gestures will be listed on the menu and in a series of videos on Ask Italian's social media channels and website. 

Watch the hand gestures in this video

The gestures have been carefully designed by Italian language experts who have combined authentic gestures for words such as excellent or spicy with new words including burrata and gnocchi.

Stephania Ruggieri, from language school Vivere I'italiano, has been working with Ask Italian to create this unique new menu: 

"Hand gestures are an integral part of the Italian language, involved in everything from arguing to declarations of love, and are as much a part of the Italian experience as breathing or eating.

"We’re happy to help ASK Italian bring a taste of this Italian experience to Birmingham's diners."

From the Bel Paese to the canals of Birmingham 

After all, Birmingham does have more canals than Venice, so why not make like a true Italian, order a spritz, and use your hands to order something truly buonissimo!

Posted by Josephine Henry

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