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Turtle Bay launches a new menu with more options than ever before, including Caribbean brunch for the very first time

Curry Aubergine, Mr Fabulous’ Jamaican Patties, Five Alarm Chicken Curry – just some of the mouth-watering dishes you can get your hands on – and sink your teeth into – on the brand new menu at Turtle Bay.

For the first time ever, diners can start the day at Turtle Bay with a scintillating selection of breakfast items packed full of Caribbean flavours, such as Curry Goat Hash and Blackwell Breakfast – porridge served with a shot of Blackwell Rum. Other brunch offerings include dishes like curried chickpeas, jerk sausage and sweet plantain for both adults and 'Little Turtles' to enjoy.

Some of Turtle Bay’s specialities and iconic dishes will remain (so fans don’t need to panic) but in addition the new menu features a variety of reimagined dishes, and fresh new and exciting delights to try. There will be a selection of sharing platters and classic Caribbean curries to choose from. Inspired by street vendors from across the islands, cutters are Caribbean-style tapas dishes – perfect as a starter, for sharing or as a side. Not forgetting the fiery jerk flavours and scrumptious soul food that Turtle Bay is renowned for.  

We dined on a Summer lunchtime in the Solihull branch which is just an explosion of colour and ramps up the feel good factor. 

After sipping our Reggae Rum Punches we chose to bundle up 4 starter dishes…  first up crispy chilli squid, made with panko and coconut milk, with mango moly and jerk mayo and lime. Then some glorious garlic pit prawns in a beautiful crushed garlic and lime jus. We also had some tangy roasted and glazed jerk pork ribs and the obligatory jerk wings. Each starter is just £5.50. 

For mains we had the curried prawn dish, which was awesome; fish shrimp with sweet potato and mango pieces in a rich spiced tomato and coconut milk curry. Probably one of the best Jamaican dishes I have ever tasted.

The five alarm chicken curry certainly deserved a klaxon alert for all the fiery chillis it was made with, but it wasn’t too hot for me! 

We loved the Mo’ Bay Chicken, themeat was tender and the creamy jerk sauce with shaved coconut literally bounded with flavour.

Even the puddings on the new menu pack a punch, from the Chilli Chocolate Brownie to the Caribbean Mess, Banana Toffee Cheesecake, Fiery Root Ginger Kickin Ice Cream.

Turtle Bay is all about slowing down, hanging out and feeling good, and this is exactly what its new menu will deliver.


Posted by DineBirmingham