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The city of the balti has welcomed a new addition to the Indian food family - and it's injecting some spice into Selfridges.


Birmingham - the city of the balti - is experiencing a flavour explosion as new Selfridges eatery Rola Wala has brought its authentic Indian street food, as well as the spiciest chilli chutney in Birmingham, to the city centre.

A refreshing new take on Indian street food, Rola Wala (which means ‘man that rolls’ in Hindi) opened in Selfridges Birmingham on February 19, and claims to be serving a range of fabulous flavour-packed dishes from the mildest dal to spiced meats.

Balti-loving Brummies will also rise to the challenge of Rola Wala’s eye-watering Scorpion sauce, made from the Scorpion chilli, which peaks at a tongue-stinging 1.4 million Scoville heat units on the Scoville scale.

What's Cooking?

If Birmingham’s hottest chutney is a step too far, enjoy Rola Wala’s freshly made dishes that feature layers of complex spicy and savoury, sweet and sour tastes.

Try spice bowls filled with sweet potato saagwala, Nagaland lamb or chicken tikka, and vegan-friendly red dal served with sourdough naan or nutrient-rich red rice from Sri Lanka.

Complement the main course with a range of sides, including Kashmiri cauliflower popcorn, Bombay birdsnest fries, avo’ chaat salad, and the incredible ‘red channa dal’ - a spice-fuelled twist on India’s favourite comfort food.

And for every meal bought, Rola Wala helps to feed a hungry child living in poverty, by donating a meal through charity One Feeds Two.

Since the restaurant launched, it has provided 350,000 meals.

The Start of Something Spicy...

Rola Wala is the brainchild of Australian Mark Wright and was born on the streets of London via Mumbai and Kolkata.

It launched in 2012 when he tested out his ideas at street food markets in London after a trip to India.

After regularly appearing at street food markets in the capital, Mark and his partners Mark Christophers and Danny Vilela set up their first restaurant in Leeds, with two more sites opening in Spitalfields and Oxford.

Mark said:

“Three years ago we had a gazebo with a hole in the roof, and wet hair at a festival. Now we’re opening our fourth bricks and mortar restaurant in the heart of the Bullring in Birmingham - the home of the balti, some of the best Indian food in the country…and the most passionate foodies!

“For our new restaurant we’re keeping it ultra casual, just like we did on the streets, with an incredible range of dishes inspired by our time in India - sourdough naan rolls, flavour-packed spice bowls, and inspired sides made using all-British meat, spices from North India, onions from Mumbai, and limes from Kerala."

Sam Watts, general manager of Selfridges Birmingham, added:

“Street food is a huge trend in Birmingham and we’re excited to bring this concept to our food hall, where you can celebrate some of the best cuisine around - from a simple cup of coffee and a cupcake to ramen, katsu and American diner classics.

Rola Wala provides our customers with yet another fantastic option for casual dining.”

Rola Wala is open for business in Selfridges food hall, and students can even get 20% off their bill.

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Posted by Niamh Carpenter