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Dine Hub's Guide to Doing National Curry Week Right


Birmingham is renowned for its diversity and the great variety of cuisines throughout the city, which makes National Curry Week even more exciting! With so many options to choose from, Dine Hub has compiled a list of some of the best Indian restaurants across the city, catering to all budgets.




Since driving Birmingham’s Lasan restaurant to success on Gordon Ramsay’s ‘The F Word’, Aktar Islam has been busy wowing customers at his new project, Opheem. It didn’t take Islam long to make his mark in the city with Opheem, and with dishes like Aloo Tuk Sinhi, the Michelin star was inevitable! So, if you’re looking for some fine dining in beautiful surroundings, head to Opheem and warm up with their new tasting menu, where you'll enjoy bolder, more vibrant flavours, including BER Himachal Pradesh with rich president plum, to brighten the darkness of Autumn.


When compared to other Indian restaurants in Birmingham, Pushkar can be considered a classic, with over 10 years of service. However, like a fine wine, it only gets better. The restaurant boasts extravagant décor and banquets fit for a king with 3 different menus to choose from, along with a creative drinks menu, consisting of their signature mojito.


Tamatanga venue is vibrant and full of colour, much like the dishes on offer at this restaurant. If you’re one for a bargain, then Tamatanga is essential during National Curry Week, with their Daytime Deal being an absolute steal; you can enjoy a drink and either a curry or biryani bowl for just £9.95! If you’re heading towards the city centre this week, a pitstop at Tamatanga should definitely be included.


If you’re wanting to broaden your horizons and embrace National Curry Week, I would suggest a visit to Dishoom! Dishoom opened its doors in Birmingham to raving reviews, with special praise for its unique breakfast menu, which is served from 8 am to 11:45am. The intriguing menu offers a variety of different dishes, including a bacon naan roll (yum!) and the Kejriwal – fried eggs on chilli cheese toast, to ensure you start your day right. If you’re more of a night owl, Dishoom is also offering an unbeatable wine offer when dining, where you can receive a free glass of wine between 4-6pm this October.


Possibly one of Birmingham’s biggest restaurants, Varanasi occupies a grand atrium in the heart of the city centre. While the Varanasi venue is grand to say the least, there has been an equal amount of attention devoted to the menu, with dishes such as Karara Kekda and Tandoori Gobi showcasing all the restaurant has to offer.


With restaurants dotted around the UK, Mowgli is becoming increasingly popular for its intimate dining experience. Swing sets and fairy lights, a visit to this restaurant will not only offer tasteful Indian street food – Holy Chow and Yoghurt Chat Bombs – but will also provide you with limitless opportunities to get some content for the ‘Gram.  


Since being crowned the winner of Gordon Ramsay’s ‘The F Word’, Lasan has undergone an impressive refurbishment and now boasts a dining experience fit for any occasion. Although the venue has undergone significant changes, the quality of the food remains the same, with Mahi Salmon and Malai Paneer being just two of the dishes on offer. Conveniently located in St. Paul’s square, how can anyone say no to a trip to Lasan?


Everyone who knows about Asha’s will undoubtedly know the haute restaurant is renowned for its celebrity appearances. However, with the menu boasting several signature dishes, including the Muscat Ghost, and one-of-a-kind cocktails, such as the Rikshaw Fizz, anyone who visits dines like royalty! Whether you’re in Solihull this week or passing through the city centre, you can easily find an Asha’s restaurant to enjoy National Curry Week.

Indian Brewery Snowhill

Situated beside its very own brewery, the Indian Brewery Company in Snowhill not only offers delicious Indian cuisine but is also home to the Birmingham lager. Here, the mixed grill is all the rage, which includes chicken tikka, meat chops, fresh cod and much more, meaning you can feast alone or share with your guest.


Served in a tapas style, Zindiya is well-known for its authentic Indian street food and vegan offerings. The restaurant recently launched a new menu, consisting of Indi Burgers, an a la carte menu and much more. While the food boasts bold flavourings, you can rest assured that the cocktails on offer won’t disappoint, with their Chai Wala inspired prosecco being blended with exotic spices.


SKVP is said to be London’s most loved vegetarian street food company, and has recently broadened its reach into the Solihull area. At the restaurant, you can expect creative food inspired by the vibrant flavours of Mumbai, as well as the classic Vada Pav.

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