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Our top 12 Japanese restaurant picks that bring sushi to the city


On the hunt for the best sushi in Brum? We've done all the hard work for you...

Despite being far away from the sea, Birmingham hosts an impressive selection of Japanese restaurants serving quality sushi.

There's lots of independent restaurants serving delicious Japanese dishes, and here's our ultimate guide to the best that Birmingham has to offer.

From miso to maki and tempura to teriyaki, these are our top 12 spots that bring sushi to the city...

Sushi Passion

Situated in a small, intimate style restaurant in Great Western Arcade on Colmore Row, Sushi Passion serves traditional sushi on authentic boats and bridges.

Choose to sit at the sushi bar to watch the chefs prepare your food, or snuggle down in a traditional zataku style table to add another level of authenticity to your meal.

For a full authentic dining experince from the food to the furniture, Sushi Passion is great if you want to escape Birmingham and feel as though you've been whisked away to Japan.

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Mount Fuji

If it's bento boxes that you're after, Mount Fuji is the place to go.

As the only independent restaurant in the Bullring, they also serve fresh sashimi, delicious donburi and udon noodles that show the Japanese chains round the corner how it's really done!

But perhpas the most authentic touch is their green tea, which is grown on their own farm on the foothills of Mount Fuji in Japan.

Mount Fuji brings the flavour of Japan to the heart of the city centre, making it a great place to try when you're out and about.

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Cocktails, modern Japanese cuisine, and 360 degree views of the city.

Located at the top of the Park Regis Hotel on Broad Street with a modern and chic interior, Rofuto brings a touch of elegance and excitement to authentic Japanese food and drink.

The menu focuses on the Japanese food culture 'Power of Five'; food is to be enjoyed with the five senses, should include five colours, and must be prepared in five ways.

There's one more to add to the list, as we certainly give Rofuto five stars!

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OKO offers the sushi-lovers of Birmingham a taste of Japanese flavour in Brindleyplace.

Located on the ground floor of trendy cocktail lounge and club Nuvo, OKO serves traditional Japanese cusine in a contemporary setting.

Dim sum, sushi, and sashimi dominate the menu and there's a great selection of cocktails and wines to enhance your evening further.

If you don't want to the night to end after your meal, try "OKO after hours" to bring some dancing to your dining experience.

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For a more luxurious approach to Japanese cuisine, try Nozomi on Fleet Street.

With an emphasis on creating simple, but beautifully presented, dishes for diners to share, Nozomi strives to turn dining out into an exciting experience, without compromising on flavour.

There's an extensive menu, ranging all the way from squid sashimi to wagu steaks.

With award-winning cocktail concepts well in reach of your miso soup and resident DJs and entertainers performing by night, Nozomi certainly packs a punch in terms of experience and ambience.

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Kyoto Sushi & Grill

This all-you-can-eat style Japanese restaurant comes with unlimited food and flavour.

Located in the Arcadian near to the Hippodrome, Kyoto Sushi & Grill is perfect if you love sushi...and can eat a lot of it.

Rather than a buffet style, Kyoto Sushi & Grill use an ordering menu to keep the food fresh and prevent food waste. You get two hours of ordering time, and an extenisve choice of rolls, salads, noodles, fried foods, and more.

For good value Japanese food in an authentically decorated setting, Kyoto Sushi & Grill is a winner.

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Miyako Teppanyaki

As the first Japanese restaurant to open in Birmingham, Miyako Teppanyaki set the precedent for quality Asain food.

If you value eating out for the experience, then you'll love the effort that goes into crafting your dining experince here.

The chefs consider cooking as an art and use their skills to provide great entertaiment whilst waiting for your food.

Serving traditional Japanese dishes (as well as some of their own creations) alongside green tea, sake and a selection of Japanese lagers and whiskies, Miyako Teppanyaki is the one of the best spots in the Arcadian Centre.

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With restaurants in Grand Central Station and Selly Oak, Yakinori serves noodles, sushi and bento in colourful, playful and unapologetically bold surroundings.

Yakinori uses fresh ingredients and traditional techniques to craft their dishes, and boasts an extensive menu of sushi to salads, and noodles to donburi.

Enhanced by an impressive selection of freshly squeezed juices and exciting ice-cream flavours, Yakinori makes a great choice if you want to inject some fun and vibrancy into a totally tasty meal.

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Specialising in Teppan-yaki, noodles and conveyor sushi, Shogun prides itself in serving the freshest ingredients in the most theatrical setting, with live iron plate cooking at your table.

If you're new to Japanese food, or struggling to tempt your non-sushi-fanatic friends, Shogun is the perfect place to be introduced to eastern cuisine as the restaurant hosts are on-hand to talk through their extensive menu, and help you use their chopsticks!

Shogun is located on Level 7 of the Cube so is a great option if you're in the city centre and craving sushi.

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Note Bar

For a twist on the Japanese cusine that you know and love, head to Note Bar on Suffolk Street, Birmingham's only 'Izakaya' style bar and lounge.

'Izakaya', meaning a type of informal Japanese gastropub, offers a place to eat and drink comfortably, and where food and drink are of equal importance.

If you're after a celebratory night-out Japanese style, they also have three karaoke rooms, providing a perfect environment for parties.

Note Bar serves fresh sushi and tapas-style bites alongside a selction of imported Japanese sakes, whiskies and beers. In true 'Izakaya' style, Note Bar is an ideal place to unwind with friends for an after-work catch up.

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Wasabi is the perfect place to go to get your mid-commute Japanese fix, with its convenient location in Grand Central Station.

Whether you fancy sitting in to tuck into a big bowl of katsu curry, or grabbing a bento box to-go, Wasabi is great for a quick and tasty lunch when travelling.

They also serve individually wrapped portions of nigiri, maki and hand rolls, so there's something to satisfy your Japanese cusine craving no matter how hungry you are.

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Otoro Sushi

Perfect for a quick lunch, Otoro Sushi is located in the Bullring indoor market and is somewhat of a hidden gem.

With just 6 seats, and many getting food to takeaway, this small restaurant has an intimate and authentic feel.

Serving mouthwatering sushi, which is handmade in front of you, at reasonable prices, Otoro Sushi is certainly worth a visit whether you're new to sushi, or it's your all-time favourite.

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From luxurious locations that serve gastronomic adaptations of Japanese cuisine, to hidden gems that focus on authenticity, Birmingham boasts a great selection of Japanese restaurants to enjoy, whether you're a sushi newbie, or a Katsu connoisseur.

Once you've tasted all these spots have to offer, take a peek at our restaurant finder to see where else tickles your fancy!

Posted by Niamh Carpenter